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Presentation Materials


Presenter: Dr. Bryan McNutt, Ph.D., LMFT, CEAP

Topic: Title: "Exploring Threat Assessment and the Workplace: The Role of EAPs in Workplace Safety”



Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Topic: Title: Elevating Ethical Awareness & Decision-Making for the EA Professional

Presenter: Margot Hawkins-Green Ph.D., LPC, CEAP

Approval - 3.0 PDHs


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Topic: Employement Law for Employee Assistance ProfessionalsPresenters: Kevin J. Sheehan 

Thursday, September 15th, 2022 

1.5 PDHs 






Topic: How to Help Those Journeying Through Grief
Presenter: Kathleen Sebek, MSW
May 19, 2022

How to Help Navigate Grief

Topic: Gambling Issues and Treatment
Presenter: Anthony Parente, MA, LCPC
May 20, 2021

Working With Problem Gamblers

Topic: Retirement Communities- What do you need to know? The Rules of the Road
Presenter: Barbara Fornoff, LCSW
April 15, 2021

Rules of the Road

Topic: OCD in the Times of COVID-19  
Presenter:  Carrie Holl, Psy.D.  
March 18, 2021

OCD in Times of COVID-19

Topic: Lessons Learned 2020/What To Expect in 2021 from an EAP Perspective
Presenter: Greg DeLapp
January 21, 2021

Lessons Learned 2020/What to Expect 2021

Topic: Financial Wellness in the Age of Covid-19
Presenter: Elizabeth De Los Santos
July 16, 2020

Financial Wellness in the Age of Covid-19

Topic: Update on Substance Abuse Disorders - 2019
Presenter: George Kolodner, M.D. DLFAPA FASAM
Date: April 18, 2019

Opioid Update - 2019

Topic: The EAP Professional as Agent for Organizational Change
Presenter: Joe Lemon, LCSW-C, CEAP
Date:  March 21, 2019 

Agent of Change

Topic: Fitness for Duty 
Presenter: Robert Levine, Ph.D 
Date: 7/19/18 

Fitness for Duty

Topic: Treatment of Chronic Pain in People at Risk for or with Substance Use Disorders   
Presenter: Dr. Dean Drosnes, Associate Medical Director, Caron Pennsylvania
Date: 6/21/18 

Chronic Pain and SUDs

Topic: The Hero’s Journey: Legendary Leadership, Client Engagement 
Presenter: Jeff Mangrum
Date: 4/19/18 

The Hero's Journey

Topic: Update on Addictions
Presenter: Dr. George Kolodner
Date: 10/19/17

Update on Addictions

Topic: Multigenerational Issues in the Workplace   
Presenter: Bernie McCann
Date: 7/20/17

Reaching Across Generations at Work

Reaching Millenials

Topic: Critical Incident Response - An Overview
Presenter: Stephen S. Granham, M.Ed., LEAP, LAP-C, CECR, CTR
Date: 06/15/17

Critical Incident Response

Topic:  Adult Anxiety
Presenter: Dr. Tiffany Lago, M.D
March 16th, 2017

Anxiety Disorders

Topic: Can My Client Keep Drinking?
How You Can Help Them Decide When Enough is Enough

Presenter: Insight Into Action Therapy
September 15, 2016

Can My Client Keep Drinking?

Topic: Improv Comedy Skills for EAPs
Presenter: Laurie Emmer Martin  
Date: June, 16, 2016   

Improv and Therapy Bibliography

Topic: Threat Assessment Threat Management
Presenter: Dorian Van Horn
Date: May 19, 2016

Threat Assessment

Topic: Treatment, Aftercare and Beyond
Presenter: Steve Garnham, M.Ed., LEAP
Date: 3/17/16

Treatment, Aftercare and Beyond

Topic: Sleep Disorders
Presenter: Dr. Richard Waldhorn, MD
Date:  7/16/15

Sleep disorders

Topic: A Review of the Elements of Recovery
Presenter: E.T. Briggs, NCC, LCPC, MAC
Date: 6-18-15

Elements of Recovery

Topic: Problem Gambling
Presenter: Dr. Lori Rugle, Ph.D.
Date:  5/21/15

Problem Gambling

Topic: LGBT Issues in the Workplace: What EAPs Should Know
Presenter: Melissa Brand, JD
Date:  4/16/15

LGBT Issues in the Workplace

Topic: Latest Advances in the World of Addiction Medicine:
Discussion on Marijuana

Presenter: Dr. George Kolodner
Date: 10/16/14

Update on Addictions

Topic: EMDR Techniques
Presenter: Roger Solomon
Date: 6/19/14


Topic: The Future of EAPs:
Some Ideas of Creating What We Want

Presenter: Lisa Teems
Date: 03/20/14

The Future of EAPs

Topic: PTSD
Presenter: Dr. Deborah C. Beidel
Date: 02/20/14

PTSD and Exposure Therapy

Topic: The EAP: Current State, Future Trends,
Theats and Opportunities

Presenter: Dr. John Maynard
Date: 09/19/13

EAP:current State and Trends

Topic: Brain Injury Services
Presenter: Lisa Garver 
Date: 06/20/13

Guideline for Working With People With Brain injury

Strategies for Working With People With Brain injury

Topic: Treatment of Treatment:
Resistant Depression & Bipolar Disorder

Presenter: Dr. Josheph Rasimas, M.D. 
Date: 05/16/13

Update on Diagnosis

NIMH Brochure

Topic: Domestic Violence
Presenter: Araceli Covarrubias
Date: 01/20/13

Domestic Violence

Topic: Using Assessment Tools in the EAP Setting
Presenters: Nancy Pentz & Debra Tipton
Date: 06/21/12

Assessment Tools