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Relief & Listserv

Do you need to find coverage at your work for vacations, planned or sudden illnesses, etc? Obtaining great people to fill-in for us when we need to be out is especially hard for small and solo programs.

Coming Soon --- We will post a list of people who are willing to help out. Please email us if you want to be added to the list.


Guidelines for the DC EAPA Chapter Group Listserv




This Listserv is open to all members of the DC EAPA chapter and is intended for the discussion of issues related to the field. We hope that this confidential resource will allow members to discuss a challenging situation they currently face, find resources, get another opinion on a client case, and in other ways utilize the vast knowledge we all have to help each other do our jobs more effectively.  ALL POSTINGS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE LISTSERVE WHO IS NOT IN OUR CHAPTER.  The listserve also provides an opportunity for members to ask and respond to questions, suggest a great referral source or treatment center, and much more, all via email.


How to join this group?

Go to the group homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dceapachapter to join the group.


Group Email Addresses

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List owner:




How do I send a message to the group?
Send an email to:
dceapachapter@yahoogroups.com. Make the subject line of the e-mail clear and concise, so other subscribers can discern the relevance of the message.  Include your name and e-mail address for follow-up.

Will my message go through immediately?

The DC EAPA Chapter Listserv is moderated; messages and subscriptions to the list require the moderator’s approval, which may result in a short delay. 


If I subscribe to the list, will I receive spam?

No. This listserv is moderated, which means every message to the list must be approved by the moderator.  You will not receive spam as a result of signing up for this listserv.

What are the editorial guidelines for posting messages to the list?

Use a concise and descriptive title in the subject line of the message. Always include your name, title and e-mail address in your message or inquiry. Please do not provide any names or other specific confidential information.  Please also refrain from political discussions and criticisms of other members.


This listserve is for member consultation and discussion.  If you wish to discuss your specific services or training offerings, please advertise in our newly created Advertising Section of our website


Whom do I contact for help?

If you have any questions, please contact Geetha Desikan @ dceapachapter@yahoo.com